How many times have you tried something which hasn’t worked straight away, got really frustrated and decided to leave it and never revisit it again – seeing it as a complete failure.  We’ve all been there.

Here’s our example of celebrating failure and solving the issue that initially caused us frustration.

Our aim two years ago was to use social media to raise more awareness of our Virtual PA and secretarial services to create a better understanding of what we do and to gain interest.  It was not a selling tactic, just to raise awareness.


Two years ago

  • We spent a huge amount of time and money learning how to use Facebook Ads.
  • They didn’t work for our particular target market, most possibly ‘pilot error’ on our part.
  • We felt very frustrated, not impressed with Facebook, decided to stop, draw a line and move on.

One year ago

  • We tried again with social media, this time using LinkedIn and Twitter to promote our GDPR Data Protection webinars.
  • This worked perfectly – mainly because we had a very specific service (the GDPR webinars) that was much needed at that time by our target market.
  • This also helped us to create awareness to our target market about our Virtual PA services too. A win-win. 


We are continuing to use LinkedIn (which is wonderful) to connect with lots of independent therapists and brain injury case managers both here in the UK and Ontario, with our ambition to expand our business into Canada.

Failure into Success

Absolutely!  You can see we took our failure in trying out Facebook Ads, which left us feeling really demotivated by the experience, into something much greater, trying LinkedIn instead.  We just changed our parameters and decided to give social media another go.

Belief is a huge part of risk taking, giving something new a chance to show its colours and allowing yourself time to see it actually working.