Why do you want to grow your business?

I spotted an article in the recent Director magazine about leadership and purpose in business and watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk on ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’.
What a motivating and inspiring talk about how people make decisions, what the difference is between the ‘What, How and Why’ – you will need to watch the video to learn more.
Sinek draws a diagram showing the Law of Diffusion and Innovation, which is a theory that seeks to explain how, why and at what rate new ideas and technology spread.  It’s really interesting to see where you sit as an early adopter, an early majority, a late majority or a laggard.
He goes on to talk about how difficult it is for business owners to let go and trust other people to carry out their work.  There is a belief that to achieve a certain level of success you need to trust and involve other people in your business.
He talks about how great leaders are capable of extracting their purpose, their cause and their belief onto others.  There has to be much bigger reason to grow your business instead of doing it merely for profit.
So, what’s your reason for growth in 2017?