Time to Reflect and Plan for the New Year

The Christmas period is either a busy and positive time or a worrisome time for business owners. Past experience and the growing pains of business has taught us the importance of planning ahead, using your last lot of sales figures as a guide to be prepared in advance.

If you are one of those businesses that typically has a quieter period of sales/clients at Christmas, then take advantage to recharge the batteries, reflect on what’s happened previously and consider these suggestions below in preparation for the coming New Year.

  • Sales Forecasting – use your sales figures from the previous financial year to estimate what you’re likely to achieve for the New Year.
  • Feedback Survey to all your clients for January – find out what your clients think about your services and products. Let them know of your other offerings and upsell to your current clients.
  • Goals & Milestones – set yourself some goals and milestones for the next three months, print them off and put them on your office wall to work towards.
  • Mystery Shopping – consider checking out your competitors to see what they charge and what other elements of their business is different to yours.
  • Timeline – do you have a vision of your business over the next 5 years or 10 years? Do you want to grow and develop your services and products? Do you want to develop a small team?
  • Read books, those that you never get round to picking up. There’s nothing better than reading other people’s ideas to spark off thoughts and opportunities in your own mind.
  • Give yourself some ‘me time’, space to mind wander and reflect.

Best of all, enjoy Christmas with family and friends.

Originally posted on 3rd December 2015