Market Research Visit to Texas in September 2015

On the 14 September this year we ventured over to Texas on a 5 week market research study to visit Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

Our aim was to establish the similarities and differences in the ‘Patient receiving Private Therapy Treatment Process’ between the UK and the USA. We chose the State of Texas due to its ambitious economic growth and business acumen.

This was a feasibility study to identify the potential in offering our specialist Virtual PA services to private independent therapists based in cities in Texas.

We met with a number of therapists, rehabilitation hospitals, healthcare insurance companies and personal injury lawyers. As expected our findings generated far more questions than answers but we did get a better understanding of how the Medicaid and Medicare (Obamacare) system works.

Although there were many similarities in our findings, there were a lot of differences in the structure related to patients who had suffered a traumatic brain injury, as to how a person was dealt with arriving in hospital, to receiving critical care, intensive rehabilitation and being discharged home with a full 24 hour care package. It was very obvious that the insurance companies ruled the roost in the US rather than the personal injury lawyers and case managers who hold the responsibility/decision making here in the UK.

Following the process of looking further into our findings/data we intend on visiting Dallas again in September next year to continue our research study.

Originally posted on 26th October 2015