Life of P – Post Litigation Seminar

We attended the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM) seminar this month which was fantastic.

If was called the ‘Life of P‘ and was set as a scenario-based example of a young girl who had sustained a traumatic brain injury, covering the complex and challenging issues encountered during post-settlement.  It focused on key milestones in P’s life looking at specific issues faced by case managers and deputies.

The day consisted of a number of speakers each taking their turn to talk about their real-life examples of issues they had encountered as a scenario journey of P’s life into adulthood and beyond.

The scenario covered:

  • Moving, building and adapting accommodation, disabled facilities grants, selection of architect;
  • Relationships, marriage, sex and divorce;
  • Families rejecting advice, disputes, managing family expectations, gratuitous care, family moving out of the home that P owns;
  • Having children, concerns about parenting, duty to report to social services, protecting vulnerabilities of P and child;
  • Impacts on case manager and deputy relationships, sackings of case manager and support workers, protecting the support worker;
  • Bereavement, inheritance, discretionary trusts, vulnerable persons trusts, tax, ring-fencing benefits and money running out;
  • Death of client – parents, client, statutory wills, inheritance, trusts.

What we gained from the seminar was an insight into the complex and challenging scenarios that can transpire and the ways in which case managers and deputies manage the many tricky issues and situations.

Our aim was to gain a much bigger understanding in relation to how case managers work on a day to day basis with a view to seeing how this impacts on the support we give them.