Introduction to Case Management – Study Day

Last month we attended a study day, An Introduction to Case Management, hosted by CMSUK Case Management Society UK, hosted by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors in London.
It was an excellent event with two very knowledgeable speakers, Carole Chantler and Jo Evans.

The day comprised of looking at the definition of a Case Manager, the CMSUK Standards of Practice and how this sits outside the legal process. Understanding more about what the role of a case manager was, appreciating what kind of environments a case manager may work in. Building and working with a team of professionals involved in the rehabilitation process. The report writing and financial accountability.

Understanding the 2015 Rehabilitation Code and what this involved was key to building a fuller picture of the process, the stakeholders and how it all fit together.

We had the opportunity to look at an INA document (Immediate Needs Assessment) using a practical exercise as part of a breakout session. This was good to see the layout and all the different areas covered as to what questions would need to be asked as part of the assessment with the client.

This was a thoroughly informative, engaging course, with a huge amount of information and detail to consume. It answered a lot of questions and definitely filled a lot of knowledge gaps. The opportunity to gain a more rounded overview of how Virtual Administration can support Independent Case Managers was our aim for attending this course.