Be honest and ask – get some feedback

We will be carrying out a short feedback survey to all our clients in January, to find out how they feel about the Virtual PA service we provide. It is so valuable to get honest feedback.

It won’t be very long, just five or six simple questions. It’s a fabulous way of finding out what people think, what improvements can be made, if they have any concerns about the Virtual PA team member who is looking after them and what other support they might need for the new year.

It’s a perfect opportunity for all small businesses to ask crucial questions. As an example, a physiotherapist can ask their clients for feedback on the therapy treatment carried out by one of their Therapy Associates, are they happy with how the therapist communicates with the family, do they feel the number of visits currently provided is sufficient or needs changing?

How do you know what your clients think if you don’t give them opportunity to answer a few direct questions? It could have a significant impact on how you work, or how service provision needs to be refined going forward.

If you need help with creating a simple feedback survey to send to your clients in January, email Tracey at