GDPR for Therapists & Case Managers

GDPR for Therapists, Psychologists & Case Managers

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Interested in our GDPR Data Protection Compliancy Action Plan? This is what it includes:

  • Understanding the implications of GDPR Data Protection compliancy, your mandatory obligations and personal data best practice in relation to your independent therapy practice or brain injury case management company;
  • Looking at all information assets both manual and electronic. For example, manual files, documents held on computer, every piece of paper that has identifiable personal details recorded. Making sure areas in relation to consent forms, terms and conditions and associate agreements are all compliant with GDPR regulations;
  • The Compliancy Action Plan includes mandatory formatted templates, consent forms, privacy policies, information notices, privacy impact assessments, data breach registration forms and audits;
  • Support in making sure you identify the risks to personal data and are able to put in place the necessary controls in order to protect your data both internal and external;
  • We will go through all the questions to complete each section of the plan, including each of the forms, policies, assessments, tables and templates and how to implement them;
  • At the end of this process you will have a completed GDPR Compliancy Action Plan specifically for your independent therapy practice or brain injury case management company.

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I asked Tracey to help me make changes to my business in line with new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. I can’t begin to praise Tracey enough. She was able to quickly and efficiently help me review my service, assess my GDPR needs and draw up the relevant documents ready for me to simply insert into my business. I feel generally more organised and professional than I did before. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service.

Emma Merriman Rehabilitation

The creation of our GDPR Compliancy Action Plan has been very helpful, thank you to you and your team in assisting me to navigate this process, much appreciated.  Given my experience with using your services I have since recommended Virtual Administration to a number of my colleagues.
Amanda Rendle-James, Occupational Therapist


Tracey is a very receptive to her client’s needs, she is a good listener and responded quickly to any of our questions. Tracey took us through the whole GDPR compliancy and set up documents we required for our new business. She understood our requirements and sent drafts promptly to ensure that nothing was amiss. The whole experience of working with Tracey was undoubtedly a good one. We would highly recommend the service to others.

Donna Wood & Rebecca Burke, OTbuddies Ltd


The webinar was brilliant and the follow up information for the Compliancy Action Plan looks fab.

Tasha Gobell – Specialist Speech Therapist


I found the webinar really useful – you covered everything really comprehensively, I’ve got so much useful information from it, and am understanding compliance fully now. Yes, it is a dry subject, but your energy certainly made it easier to follow, and I thought that you answered everyone’s questions thoroughly without spending too long on each section. So, thank you so much for your time Tracey, and I’m sure that we will be in touch with you for help of some kind in the not too distant future!

Mandy Martell, Sleep Unlimited Ltd