Over the summer holidays have you stopped to think about where you currently are in your therapy practice and, more importantly, where you want to be?

Have you made decisions for the next 6 months, put any milestones in place?

Do your plans sound anything like these:

  • Reducing my days working with the NHS to spend more time building my private practice.
  • Taking on an Associate Therapist as my work load has increased.
  • Working with more complex cases, considering client work with case management companies.
  • Starting to explore Expert Witness work.
  • Getting some help with my day to day administration, invoicing, dealing with new enquiries, report formatting and proof reading.
  • Considering increasing my prices in January but need to know what the market can bear.
  • Recognising the need to start marketing, possibly a website, social media, more exposure.
  • Looking to “niche market”, become more specialised in specific services and the conditions we treat.

It’s hugely important to give time to the development and growth of your business.  We all get swallowed up in the detail of the day to day activities and don’t always see past the coming week (or day if it’s a particularly busy one!).

If you haven’t had chance to think about ‘you’ and ‘your practice’, then make some time. Take a step outside of yourself and consider how far you’ve come, some or all of the points above, those ideas that pop into your head now and again without you really quite knowing how to bring them to fruition and, most importantly, giving yourself a pat on the back for your hard work!