Britain would thrive outside an unreformed EU, new report states

Towards the end of last month a new 1,000 page report called “Change or go” was released. The report calls for David Cameron to negotiate far-reaching changes to the European Union, and Britain’s place within it – and if he is unable to do so, the report declares, the UK’s households and businesses would be better off outside the Union.

Some particular changes the report calls for include a “red card” veto system so that Britain can block measures it fundamentally disagrees with, a return to Parliament having full control over social and employment law along with migration, a reversal of “damaging” financial laws and a “permanent, lasting reduction in the EU Budget”.

The report points out that just 5% of UK businesses export directly to the EU, yet all businesses are “forced to bear the burden of its regulations” and calls for “a permanent mechanism for protecting thr non-eurozone states” to ensure that countries belonging to the single currency are unable to simply out-vote those who do not.

The report’s authors, lobby group Business for Britain, believe the UK would thrive outside an unreformed EU. “Were the EU to be intransigent then, given the fundamental problems that define our membership, we believe that Britain should vote to leave. As our study will show, the UK – as the world’s fifth largest economy – has nothing to fear from such a vote and, indeed, much to gain.”

Report chairman Jon Moynihan says “David Cameron has a mandate to seek wide ranging reforms of the EU to ensure Britain achieves the looser, economic based trading relationship it voted for forty years ago. Either we change, or if we can’t secure the change that we need, leaving an unreformed EU will be the right course to plot for Britain’s future prosperity in an increasingly globalised economy.”

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Article written by team member Denise Shaw

Originally posted on 1st July 2015