Webinar Dates

Webinar Dates

GDPR Data Protection

For Independent Therapists, Psychologists and Brain Injury Case Managers

This will be a short 1-hour webinar to discuss the basic requirements for making sure Independent Therapists, Psychologists and Brain Injury Case Managers are compliant with the different processes, procedures and policies you are required to have in place.  See below for dates available.

Tues 17 April – 12.00 noon
Thurs 19 April – 6.00 pm
Wed 25 April – 12.00 noon
Tues 1 May – 9.30 am
Wed 2 May – 12.00 noon
Wed 9 May – 12.00 noon
Fri 11 May – 9.30 am
Wed 16 May – 12.00 noon

For Members of the RCOTSS Independent Occupational Therapists

We will be holding 3 separate GDPR Data Protection webinar dates for Independent Occupational Therapy members of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.  See below for dates available.

Wed 18 April – 9.30 am
Mon 23 April – 12.00 noon
Wed 25 April – 7.00 pm


Life of a Personal Injury Claim Webinar

This will be a 1-hour webinar with presenters Cath Brown, discussing the life of the personal injury claim, and Tracey Clarke, discussing security in relation to the new GDPR data protection and how keeping quality clinical records and reports is imperative.  See below for dates available.

Friday 6 April at 12.00 noon
Friday 20 April at 12.00 noon
Friday 4 May at 12.00 noon


The webinar was hugely informative, interactive and fun – you were keen to help and answer any queries and concerns that people had surrounding GDPR and I thought it was great how reassuring you were over people concerned with the implications of GDPR and the simple guidelines to follow!
Shirin Crew – Bubblegate


The webinar was brilliant and the follow up information for the Compliancy Action Plan looks fab.
Tasha Gobell – Specialist Speech Therapist


I found the webinar really useful – you covered everything really comprehensively, I’ve got so much useful information from it, and am understanding compliance fully now. Yes, it is a dry subject, but your energy certainly made it easier to follow, and I thought that you answered everyone’s questions thoroughly without spending too long on each section. So, thank you so much for your time Tracey, and I’m sure that we will be in touch with you for help of some kind in the not too distant future!
Mandy Martell, Sleep Unlimited Ltd