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Top 10 Causes of Stress in Small Businesses

After reading an article showing the Top 10 causes of stress in businesses in the Federation of Small Businesses – First Voice magazine, I was not surprised to see the top 3 reasons.

Anyone running a business knows the responsibility of making a success of the business, especially when you have a team who depend on you bringing in the work.

No surprise with managing staff as being number one.

The day to day admin tasks coming in as second, is a normal response when chatting with our independent therapists and case management clients, who constantly tell me they work evenings and weekends to catch up on their invoices, writing reports, responding to emails etc.

Many tell me the work life balance is the most difficult part. Carving out time just for yourself is extremely challenging. Leaving those 30 odd emails to be answered tomorrow instead of 9.30 in the evening is really tough going.

Maybe it’s time to change and start delegating some of your tasks!

Top 10 Virtual PA Tasks

  1. Formatting reports, typing documents from audio recordings and creating template forms
  2. Holding a comprehensive database or spreadsheet of contacts specifically for your business
  3. Booking appointments and keeping a diary
  4. Creating invoices and chasing payments
  5. Sending out emails and letters and following them up with a phone call
  6. Internet research specific to your industry, competitors and new target markets
  7. Creating a newsletter using Constant Contact or MailChimp
  8. Creating content for blogs, profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook and tweets for Twitter
  9. Being the first point of contact when someone calls your business for information or a new enquiry
  10. Having a Virtual PA that is reliable, understanding, cheerful and instantly available when you call

A Virtual PA can be your ‘super efficiency’, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best in business.

Give us a call on 01636 904951 to find out how we can help you more.

How to find out what your competitors charge

Lead generation magnifying glass

We love to see our clients flourish with their growing businesses, especially when we’ve had an impact on their chosen target market.

Whether you’re looking to promote your specialist physiotherapy services to brain injury case managers or wish to target a brand-new sector with your products for 2018, we can help with marketing and lead generation.

We’ve received wonderful feedback from one of our clients, Lee at FPL, who specialises in health and safety and environmental law, and whose business has grown with the support of Clarissa, one of our Virtual PA team members, helping with the marketing and lead generation.

Virtual Administration has a great team of Virtual PAs ready to offer their support – so tell us who your target market is and your geographic area and we’ll carry out the marketing activities.

Mystery Shopping is always a good place to start.

We will pull together a list of your competitors along with a specific list of questions that you want answers to. We will make the phone calls and provide you with current information which will identify what your competitors charge for their services along with precise detailed information on key areas.

If you are interested and wish to find out more about this specific service, please call 01636 904951 and ask for Matt Bailey.

Admin support for moving office or home

An example of how using a Virtual PA can help you in moving office or home.

CHALLENGE: Ensuring that when moving office or home the move takes place simply and quickly with regards to setting up priority communication channels like the home/business landline, internet connection and Sky.

SOLUTION: Supply all priority contacts like regular business clients, household bills, utilities and bank accounts with the new office address. Insurance for the home, business and car received notification of the change in address and contact details.

VALUE: Quickly implemented the transition so that there was no interference with communications and the running of the business.

For the process of helping a business to move home and house there are three stages; start, middle and end.

Starting stage

  • Having a definite moving-in date for the disconnection of the telephone, internet provider and Sky from the old house.
  • Arranging in advance connection of the telephone, internet provider and Sky for the new property.
  • Making sure priority people are aware of when the move will be taking place in advance and who will be the main person of contact during the transition period for the business.
  • Send out an email to all concerned about the change in office address – so clients/suppliers know where to send the invoices to if they use the postal service.
  • Putting in place a redirect with Royal Mail for both home and business mail. Be aware a redirect for a business is more expensive and they will require to see your passport and driving licence at the post office counter.

Middle stage

  • Using a Virtual PA who can confidently hold the fort during the transition period by: dealing with immediate queries by telephone; keeping a check on emails, and responding on behalf of the director/owner of the company while they move house/office.
  • Having the ability stay calm when something does go wrong and knowing how to deal with the situation quickly and responsibly.

End stage

  • Change all template forms, letterheads and website with the new office address. Make sure the rest of the team have this information and don’t accidentally send out old documentation with the old address on.
  • Send out a simple letter informing of change of address to the rest of the non urgent monthly bill companies such as TV licence, water supplier, gas and electric. Don’t forget to take meter readings too. Some gas/electric providers will send you a text as a reminder to do a meter reading on your last day.
  • Make sure your accountant knows of the change of address so that they can inform the tax office (especially if you use your home address as your work address).
  • Don’t forget you’ll need to update your driving licence too.
  • There will be the inevitable list of companies that you’re a member of or keep your contact details on a professional trade website that will need updating.